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Who knows better about an Employee's performance than the people they interact with on a daily basis.

We’ve reimagined Performance Management, Engagement and Recognition.  Now it's EASY to get the People & Performance Data your Organization needs to Maximize Workforce Potential.



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Performance Management is broken. We're here to change that.

intHRaction chronicles who Employees interact & engage with.

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We periodically ask those people to provide small amounts of feedback on the individual Goals & Objectives that Employees collaborate on with their Managers.

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We provide Managers with actionable tools & guidance to deliver more comprehensive & effective 1 on 1’s, Check-Ins, Work-Ups (PIP) & Reviews.

We give Human Resources Professionals the tools & insight they need to help Employees, Managers, and the business grow.

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We provide Leadership with data about individual, team, and organizational performance & development and the information that impacts the bottom line.

We've Reimagined
Performance Management

intHRaction changes the annual, non-inclusive, hierarchical review process into a continuous, inclusive and visible way of working that drives engagement.

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intHRaction simplifies and fully automates the information and reporting process allowing Managers to repurpose that time for higher impact practices included in the product like, Objective setting, Feedback Check-ins, and Career Development.

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The data collected through intHRaction provides insight into performance, engagement, and career planning opportunities at both the individual and team level. This data is the competitive advantage organizations need to maximize the skills and talents of People.

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intHRaction's Real-time Dashboards for Employees, Managers, HR, Executives, Project Teams, and Consultants display comprehensive data and insights into ROI - Return on Individuals, through automated Engagement, Recognition and Performance tools.

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With intHRaction, Consulting Partners gain access to a private platform that supports their specific content, their customized client offerings, provides the tools to truly measure program success in real time and provides additional engagement and revenue opportunities with existing and new clients.

It's time to TRUST your entire workforce
to ELEVATE your entire workforce.

"Receiving feedback on how others perceive me is critical to my success. The truth is, the perception is already there.  Creating trusting relationships only comes with the willingness to openly share and communicate."

Employee Interaction

intHRaction chronicles Employee interaction & engagement on a daily basis. Automated survey technology collects small points of feedback data specific to Employee engagement.  intHRaction changes the process, the data enables the practice and gives Employees a voice.

Goals & Objectives

By providing visibility into collaborative performance feedback, you decide when to recognize and reward Employee performance.  Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly - you have the power of choice.

"It used to seem as if our goals and objectives were always an end of year exercise.  Feedback was always on what was done in the past.  Now we are able to proactively assess and correct in real-time and throughout the year."

"Having real-time access to my own performance data is game changing. I no longer have to wait for a yearly review. I’m accountable for my career and can see the results of my efforts, which drives me to engage even more."


Employees receive feedback, recognition, and objective metrics on a personalized real-time dashboard thereby enabling greater insight and empowering opportunities for personal awareness and growth.


Managers are provided actionable tools & guidance to deliver more comprehensive & effective 1 on 1’s, Check-Ins, Work-Ups & Reviews. The data helps support development, inclusion and team awareness goals.

"I always tried to do my best to tie my team's performance back to their objectives, but it never seemed to capture everything. Now I have tools to help me actually make a difference for my employees and provide them with real growth opportunities"

"This is the future!  Performance Personalization and the ability for HR to combine People Analytics and Strategy to support organizational goals."

Human Resources

Human Resources now has the tools & insight they need to proactively engage and collaborate with all levels of the organization in support of strategic people initiatives.


Leadership has visibility into the people analytics needed to positively impact the Employee experience, engagement, and to create cultures of transparency and trust.

"Now I've got Dashboards and KPI's for my entire business INCLUDING my most important resource.  I want my teammates reviewed fairly and compensated accordingly.
That delivers results."

"My clients frequently ask me how do I measure success.  intHRaction give me a solid answer to that question and provides opportunities to increase my client engagements."


Create new opportunities for your Coaching, L&D, Executive Training and Business Consulting practice with tools developed exclusively for Consultants to benefit from providing intHRaction to their clients.

Feedback for the life of the Employee
and the future of the Organization

intHRaction - Tim Hagen
00:00 / 05:24

"This episode is a quick review of a great platform I just recently saw called intHRaction. It measures workplaces using a very unique strategy of peer based feedback that positions the organization to build its culture, provide leaders opportunity to coach to reality, and ultimately position the employee to grow and become embedded in the organization's plans."

Tim Hagen
Coaching Conversations

00:00 / 38:05

"Performance reviews are typically dreaded within most organizations by both managers and employees alike.  J.D. Grogan and Terri Etheredge, Co-Founders of intHRaction, have launched a SaaS-based service which turns performance reviews into a crowd-sourced, collaborative, and continuous process providing real-time feedback."

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