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Team Recognition

Your Gateway to Employee Performance Excellence

At intHRaction, we understand that your organization's success is built on the performance and dedication of your employees.  That's why we've created a powerful platform that empowers you to unlock the full potential of your workforce and drive exceptional results.

Our cutting-edge platform is designed to revolutionize the way you manage and enhance employee performance.  With a suite of intuitive tools and robust features, intHRaction streamlines the entire performance management process, making it seamless and efficient.


Continuous Feedback is vital because it operates as a dynamic feedback loop, enabling employees to make constant adjustments and improvements in their work. Like a GPS with real-time updates, it helps individuals stay on course and adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring they reach their destination of peak performance. By fostering regular communication and growth-oriented discussions, continuous feedback enhances employee engagement, promotes skill development, and drives overall organizational success.


Core Value Recognition is crucial in reinforcing the desired behaviors and principles that define your organization's culture. By acknowledging and rewarding employees who exemplify these values, it strengthens their commitment to upholding them, ultimately leading to a more cohesive and aligned workforce.


Succession Planning is necessary in helping organizations identify and nurture internal talent to fill critical positions, maintain continuity, and drive institutional memory. Additionally, a well-executed succession plan helps in fostering employee loyalty and engagement, as employees see opportunities for growth and advancement within the organization, leading to higher retention rates and a stronger talent pipeline.

"Receiving feedback on how others perceive me is critical to my success. The truth is, the perception is already there.  Creating trusting relationships only comes with the willingness to openly share and communicate."

Like Nothing You've Seen Before!

Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets and manual evaluations.  intHRaction offers a centralized hub where Managers can effortlessly set pre-configured goals, view automated real-time feedback from the people their Employees interact with on a daily basis, and track progress with ease.  Our user-friendly interface ensures that Managers and Employees alike can navigate the platform effortlessly, fostering engagement and collaboration.

With intHRaction, performance reviews become a dynamic and interactive experience.  Our platform enables automated and continuous feedback loops, allowing Everyone to provide timely insights and recognition.  Say goodbye to annual appraisals and hello to a culture of ongoing development and growth.

But that's not all...

intHRaction is more than a Performance Management tool, it's an all in one Employee Success Platform integrating all the tools you pay for separately and ensuring that the results from all those traditionally disparate tools come together to provide a comprehensive performance picture for every Employee.




people analytics

network mapping


intHRaction Employee Dashboard Main

Join the countless organizations that have transformed their performance management processes with intHRaction.  Elevate your employee performance to new heights and create a culture of success and achievement.

Theresa etheredge, President - intHRaction


If your organization uses Slack or Microsoft Teams, we've made it even easier to provide realtime feedback via the power of your internal collaboration platforms.  Micro-Feedback Loops are automatically sent to the intHRaction app that can be added to your organizations instance of either platform.  We can also integrate with HRIS platforms like ADP, UKG & Workday.

intHRaction Employee Dashboard Main

easy to setup, easy to administer, and easy on your budget

Whether you want to start with a team of 10, a department of 100 or your entire organization, intHRaction is EASY to setup, has no implementation fees, no long term contracts and a minimal monthly fee. Better yet, we're about real time Employee Growth not end of year performance, in an automated, easy to use, easy to administer and easy to understand tool.


Implementation takes minutes not months.  Add your entire organization or start slowly with a few teams.  Either way, Everything you need is already in place,  pre-configured and customizable.


We don't nickel & dime you.  Everything in the platform is available for one low monthly fee. $12.50 per user, per month, that's it!

$12.50 / Month


There isn't one.  We want you to be happy with your decision, that's why we will never try to lock you into a long term commitment. We promise.  Cancel at any time, but once you start to see the power of data, we're sure you won't want to.

"I highly recommend intHRaction to any organization looking to modernize and enhance their approach to performance management. It's been an invaluable tool on our journey toward greater success and employee satisfaction.  This platform lives up to the promise to be a game-changer for any organization, revolutionizing the way we approach performance management.  What truly sets intHRaction apart is its ability to transform the traditional performance review into a dynamic and interactive experience. With automated and continuous feedback loops, everyone within our organization has the opportunity to provide timely insights and recognition."

Natasha Bowles, CEO

NBPS Virtual Staffing

Randall Johns, NY

built for everyone in your organization

Most performance systems rely on Managers to "keep the plate spinning".  Many systems say they've made the process more collaborative by requiring Employees to solicit feedback from others, making the request a burden on the Employee who typically requests from those they know will "have their back".  intHRaction automatically collects feedback from the people Employees interact with daily.

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