For Employees

Single Click Surveys
Minimizing the pain of filling out surveys. Single click surveys ensure feedback is brief and uncomplicated.
Goal / Objective Tracking
Give employees a FAIR means to view feedback and take control of the trajectory of their own careers.
Centralized Goal Planning
Documented communication with your manager.
360 Feedback
Receiving instant and continuous feedback from everyone you intHRact with allows you to focus on developing your strengths and fosters a culture of trust.
Employee Dashboard
Provides current KPIs that are focused on your Feedback & Growth.
Supports the development opportunities of your co-workers and drives connection.
Your Total Performance score (TPS) provides insight into the feedback areas of objective performance, Company culture/values, intHRaction feedback participation, and meeting engagement.
Provide real-time acknowledgments to co-workers for actions that support your Company culture and values.
Career Profile / Aspirations
Document your own capabilities, skills, aspirations, education, and successes to drive your own career management.