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Who knows better about an employee's performance than the people they intHRact with.

Since the 1950's, Performance Reviews have been based on limited, opinion based feedback.

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With intHRaction, continuous automated micro feedback loops based on Observable Behaviors, Objectives & Presence, is reported by the people employees interact with daily.  intHRaction eliminates the need for Human Resources or Manager participation in the coordination or maintenance of the process.

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"We should demand that our leaders provide an environment in which we want to come.  Where we want to care about each other, where we feel safe to express our vulnerabilities, our fears and our concerns.  That we are open to correction and discipline and feedback.  That we're not defensive, because we know that it is being given to us to help us improve and grow.  We want to improve and grow and in turn we will help others improve and grow." - Simon Sinek

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