The Elements of Organizational Impact
ROI (Return on Individuals)

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Through the power of real-time People Data, forward thinking organizations have the elements to create an agile talent ecosystem that drives Performance, Engagement, and Culture.  This competitive advantage enables organizations to maximize the people capabilities of today, and to align organizational strategies for the future of work.

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Real-time people data enables organizations to make strategic workforce decisions that optimize the current and future talent needs of the organization. 

  • Real-time Enterprise view of Talent Readiness

  • Skills / Abilities / Assessment Data

  • Self-Awareness / Aspirations / Personalized Growth Plans

Feedback cultures where insight is used to support personal growth, meaningful interactions, and a shared sense of purpose, create an environment of empathy, belonging and trust.

  • Engagement / Collaboration / Presence

  • Organizational Core Values

  • DEI / Innovation / Customer Experience

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intHRaction technology combined with inclusive real-time micro feedback loops transforms low-impact career plans into high-impact career development and growth.

  • Current / Future Development Accountability

  • Operational Efficiency / Recruitment / Retention / Productivity

  • Agile Team Formations / Growth Assignments / Leadership Ability

  • Coaching Assistance for Managers

By supporting an employee managed performance system, organizations empower commitment, accountability and purpose to drive personal and organizational success.

  • Vision, Organizational Capabilities & Business Strategies Aligned

  • Trusted / Transparent / Psychologically Safe Culture

  • Evolved Compensation, Recognition & Incentive Practices

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