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Maximizing Workforce Potential
Performance Management, Engagement & Recognition


Who knows best about how an employee performs?

ALL of the people they intHRact with.  Performance progress is based on inclusive feedback from the people each employee works  with.


On-going feedback from everyone you intHRact with in the organization.  Not an end of year "360" narrative sent to 10 of an employees best friends.  Not an end of year, biased, Manager only review.  Truly continuous feedback.


Data about performance and engagement is immediately available to users from employees and managers to HR Staff and Leadership.  Everyone has access to relevant performance information.

intHRaction Explainers

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intHRaction is a SaaS platform that supports the growth of individuals and Organizations through Performance, Engagement and Recognition collaboration.

We’ve re-imagined the entire process focusing on Performance Management, Engagement and Recognition through an automated and collaborative feedback platform.

The truth is annual Performance Reviews are an artifact carried over from the 1950s. The process is biased, limited, subjective, and frankly painful for everyone. So why, as a culture, are we stuck on using them?

"Sarcasm" scores 33 points in Scrabble, but traditional Performance Management doesn't score with anyone.

Most Managers don’t know how to give effective feedback. So wouldn't it be great if Managers received real-time feedback about an Employee's performance from everyone the Employee interacts with?

Why should you invest in company culture? Business culture is the key to success. Only 32% of executives believe their company culture aligns with their business strategies, yet 72% say that culture is the key to performance.

Employees, Managers, HR, Leadership, Consultants & Legal

Safe and Ongoing Feedback gives employees an opportunity to take control over the trajectory of their careers

How using the intHRaction System benefits the lives of Managers and makes the entire Performance Management process easier to manage and keep automatically documented.

Dear HR, People Strategies ARE Business Strategies. It’s time to STOP solely focusing on the Process and START focusing on the Data.

Have You Equipped your Managers to handle the Performance Management process, document Feedback, provide Coaching, and prepare Employees for the Future of your Organization?

Are you a coach, consultant, trainer or program leader? Are you challenged with measuring the success of your engagements?

Serious legal problems occur when employment decisions regarding Hires, Promotions, Demotions, Terminations, Compensation, Development and Transfers are made without proper, consistent, and factual communication and documentation.

intHRaction Feature Guides

intHRaction provides Human Resources with a catalog of Objectives and Competencies. Each item can be configured to the specific needs of the Organization and entirely new Objectives can be created and added to the Organization's own Objective catalog.

How do Managers assign Objectives to Employees. Types of Objective Surveys that are automatically generated and how those results are displayed in the intHRaction System. 

HR or System Administrators are responsible for identifying which of the pre-defined objectives in the intHRaction System will be used by the Managers in their Organizations.  If additional Objectives specific to the Organization are needed, the Administrators are able to add them to the system.

intHRaction Surveys are automatically generated at the end of meeting and look to provide feedback about the presence or participation of meeting attendees.  intHRactions are about how people show up.  For Organizations that think this is too much information, the system is able to operate with or without intHRaction Surveys.

inspHRations is the Employee Recognition feature designed to inspire the hearts of employees by empowering them to recognize others for exemplifying Company Values on a weekly basis.   Administrators can customize our catalog of pre-defined Company Values to reflect the needs of their Organization.

Walking an Administrative User through the steps necessary to add users to the system at a high level.  It explains how easy it is to add and manage users and transitions to information on how Managers use the system to assign Objectives.

Discussion on the future of the Organization and how to use intHRaction's Succession Planning Tools and more.

Every member of the Justice League is a well-developed character, with unique skills and abilities. They were each brought together for a shared purpose. Independently, they are successful in achieving results, but together they are an unstoppable force.

Your System is all set up! NOW the intHRaction journey begins...  This Spark identifies steps to take to introduce intHRaction to your Organization to ensure successful adoption.

Learn about the Technologies like AWS used to develop, secure and enhance the intHRaction Platform.


Performance is Key in a Dealership.  And... Employee Performance drives Dealership Performance. That's why we built an Employee Engagement, Recognition and Performance Management Platform dedicated to the needs of the Dealership Environment.

The Core Performance Management features of the DealHRship platform (Objective Performance, Recognition, and Engagement), work together to produce visibility to the data that already exists within your Dealership.

The successful and profitable operation of a car dealership depends upon a continual series of decisions. BestWork DATA provides the critical information that eliminates much of the risk in those decisions and often reveals opportunities that can easily be missed without that information.

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