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Create an instance for your company or team with just a Name and an email address.  A private instance of intHRaction is created based on your organizations Domain "".  If your company has multiple domains used for email, just let us know which domains to include.

Invite Users to Your intHRaction Instance.

Invite Users to the system by adding their name and e-mail address and they will receive a welcome email with a temporary password and link to create their account.  Upon account creation, Users authorize calendar access, upload an image and complete their profile.  intHRaction supports all major calendar systems.

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Define the Organization Structure.

An authorized Administrator places Users into the intHRaction Organization Chart.

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Configure System Wide Objectives.

Authorize which Pre-Defined Objectives are available to be used by Managers.  intHRaction includes Pre-Defined Objectives across 8 Domains.  Can't find an Objective that suits your companies needs? intHRaction gives you the tools to create Organizationally Defined Objectives, Observable Behaviors and Manager Hints.

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Managers Discuss and Assign Objectives with their Employees.

Managers have the tools to assign System Objectives to their Employees, personalize Objectives to individual Employees, and also have the option to add Quantifiable Objectives allowing them to provide ongoing feedback on progress toward sales goals, volume targets and the like.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 12.26.24

intHRaction Surveys Start.

If you have enabled intHRactions, Surveys are automatically created based upon a User's calendar participation with other authorized Users.  Additional tools are available for use by Managers to solicit feedback from additional users or groups of users.

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 5.05.00 PM.png

Automated Performance Feedback

Throughout the year, single click Objective Surveys are automatically created and distributed to the Users an Employee interacts with based on a cadence defined by a system administrator.

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 3.36.40 PM.png

Customized Dashboards

Results are viewed on private Employee and Manager Dashboards and dedicated HR and Executive Views.  All the data you need for meaningful one on one's, coaching sessions and reviews.

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