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You're already doing it...

It’s likely your company is using some sort of performance management process, and that probably includes an annual or "wow" maybe even a bi-annual performance summary evaluation. Over the course of the year, managers have been told to keep notes about their direct reports, so that they can refer to those notes when completing Performance Reviews for their team.

There are probably a set of loose procedures around frequency of one-on-one’s between employees and their managers, and they find themselves being “reminded” by HR about the value of performance feedback, as well as continuous follow-ups to ensure all employees received “Objectives” in a timely manner.

Further, it’s not a stretch to say that the majority of feedback about an employee’s performance comes from a single source, the Manager. If that is true, you may have tried to address this by using self evaluations or some form of a “360°” feedback process. You're frustrated by platforms that require someone to create a survey or have to identify who should receive them. You realize that the surveys are sometimes filled out by reluctant participants, and even the willing participants are still hesitant to provide the honest feedback needed to impact objective results.

And here you are, nearing the end of another year, getting ready to start the insanity all over again.

Well, we’ve re-imagined the entire process focusing on Performance Management, Engagement and Recognition through an automated and collaborative feedback platform. intHRaction offers a per user monthly subscription, with no implementation timelines or fees. It doesn’t require the entire organization to decide to adopt it, in fact, it can be used by a team or department concurrently to compare with the “good ole process” you’ve been using for years.

Ask yourself, what are you, your employees, their managers or your leadership getting out of the annual review? Is there value-added return- or a less than accurate check-in-the-box? Contact us at or visit to arrange a demo. We can help you make a difference in Performance Management and your employees will thank you for it.

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