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Performance Feedback based on
Observable Goals, Objectives & Behaviors

Show your Employees you care about their growth and development.  Provide them with micro feedback loops from their peers on Observable Behaviors, Goals and Objectives, not opinions on their ability to carry out a role.


Who knows best about how an employee performs?

ALL of the people they intHRact with.  Performance progress is based on inclusive micro feedback loops from the people each employee works  with.


On-going micro feedback loops from everyone you intHRact with in the organization.  Not an end of year "360" narrative sent to 10 of an employees best friends.  Not an end of year, biased, Manager only review.  Truly continuous feedback.


Data about performance and engagement is immediately available to users from employees and managers to HR Staff and Leadership.  Everyone has access to relevant performance information and the ability to recognize and act on growth opportunities.

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What do your Performance Reviews look like?

  • A year end surprise for your Employees?

  • A year end hassle for your Managers?

  • An ongoing frustration for your Human Resources team?

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