For Human Resources

Pre-configured Surveys
We've done the work for you to capture feedback in brief single click surveys.
Faster Conflict Resolution
Enables Managers to proactively address potential performance issues by being notified in real time of positives and negatives.
Retained Documentation
Protects the Company. Provides support documentation for disciplinary actions, promotions and more.
Policy Enforcement
Ensures that the policies and procedures defined by Human Resources are adhered to and tracked.
360 Feedback
True 360 Feedback from the people who truly know how an employee performs, the people they intHRact with on a daily basis. Exposes individual bias.
Objective Selection / Management
Feedback is tied directly to a Team's Goals and Objectives. Exposes individual bias.
Calendar Invites
Vie Team activity, meeting performance, scheduled 1 on 1's and reviews.
Organization Charts
Get an accurate view of who reports to whom and how entire teams are performing as a unit.
Creates a positive working environment which encourages Leadership to connect with the entire team.
Employee Career Profile / Aspirations
Supports Talent / Workforce / Succession Planning