For Leadership

Pre-configured Surveys
We've done the work for you to capture feedback in brief single click surveys.
Company Objectives
As the CEO, your objectives are the company's objectives. Track and gauge feedback from across the organization on your "Objectives".
360 Feedback
360's will actually mean something now, not just feedback from "randomly selected" peers.
Supports Employees
Ensures your employees are receiving FAIR and objective feedback from the people they intHRact with.
Protects the Organization
Protect employees, support managers, satisfy HR and be the steward of the company.
Organization Charts
Get an accurate view for who's reporting to whom and how entire Teams are performing as a unit.
Connect with your entire team in a way that's relevant and sincere. You'll know how the team is working with each other. That "High-FIve" in the hallway coupled with your "Thank You's" go a long way to promote your Company Culture.
View HR data the same way you see business performance KPI's with meaningful charts and graphs.
Performance Trending
Over time the real result is how your company's individuals performance impacts your bottom line.
Team Visibility
Get unique insight into each team and how their collective performance is trending.