For Managers

Pre-configured Surveys
We've done the work for you to capture feedback in brief single click surveys.
Manager Coaching
View targeted coaching tools based on Objectives Feedback. Helping Managers lead their teams effectively.
Automated Daily Stand-Ups
Daily updates from your team delivered to your Dashboard.
Auto Scheduled 1 on 1's
Ensures your employees are are getting the time with you they need and as established by the Human Resources team.
Ongoing Performance Review
Lets you focus on your team and not paperwork. Takes the pain out of Annual Reviews. Easy and centralized goal planning for the whole team.
Historical Performance
True historical performance trending and access allows you to visualize progress across an Employee's entire tenure.
Meeting Performance
Allows instant feedback and course corrections for subordinates. Get visibility to who's contributing and who's just showing up.
Simple Visualizations provide meaningful data to help you do your job.
Your Employee's Total Performance Scores say a lot about your Team's overall performance. It gives you a simple measurement of how others view your team's performance.
Allows you to see general feedback about fellow employees. Feedback about your team is collected from their colleagues. See who are the team players or who just has a kind attitude.
Feedback is tied directly to your team's Goals and Objectives.