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intHRaction changes Performance Management, Engagement & Recognition through our unique means of automating information gathering and reporting across the organization. We haven't just digitized old manual processes, we have reimagined the true power of collaborative feedback.

Feedback for the life of the Employee

and the future of the Organization

intHRaction is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based platform that AUTOMATICALLY captures small data points from the interactions of all members of an organization and reports feedback. We support the growth of Individuals and Organizations through Performance, Engagement, & Recognition collaboration.

Provided via a minimal monthly per user subscription with no setup or annual licensing fees.  It is available for teams, departments or entire organizations, with simple setup, configuration and management tools.

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Our performance management tools enable Managers and HR to select, edit or define company objectives.  View historical and real-time performance metrics.  And, create 1-1 updates, check-in reports, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual reviews at the click of a button.  


intHRaction changes the annual, non-inclusive, hierarchical review process into a continuous, inclusive and visible way of working that drives engagement. The tool simplifies the information and reporting process and allows Managers to repurpose that time for higher impact practices included in the tool such as, Objective setting, Feedback check-ins, and Career development. The data collected provides insight into performance, engagement, and career planning opportunities at both the individual and team level. This data is the competitive advantage organizations need to maximize the skills and talents of People.

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intHRaction makes recognition fun and easy! Our inspHRation tool gives employees the ability to recognize and reward your company values and behaviors with a pre-configured recognition catalogue that is simple and easy to use. Recognition enhances professional confidence, elevates motivation, improves overall morale and even inspires positive behaviors outside of the workplace.  The inspHRation catalogue includes 20+ Core values created with both “Traditional” and “Casual” descriptors. These descriptors are customizable and include observable behavior tips for enhanced support. An employee’s individual inspHRation data is displayed on their employee dashboard and your overall company data is available for everyone to celebrate.



Real-time Dashboards for Employees, Managers, HR, Executives, and Project Teams display comprehensive data and insights into ROI - Return on Individuals.  intHRaction provides visibility to the data you've been missing.